Graphic Design

Music Technology

Translation Academy

Pathway Descriptions

The Entrepreneurship pathway focuses on recognizing a business opportunity, starting a business, operating and maintaining a business. Students will be exposed to the development of critical thinking, problem solving, and innovation in this course as they will either be the business owner or individuals working in a competitive job market in the future. Integration of accounting, finance, marketing, business management, legal and economic environments will be developed throughout projects in this course. Working to develop a business plan that includes structuring the organization, financing the organization, and managing information, operations, marketing, and human resources will be a focus in the course. Engaging students in the creation and management of a business and the challenges of being a small business owner will be fulfilled in this course.

The Graphic Design pathway provides students with the processes involved in the technologies of printing, publishing, packaging, electronic imaging, and their allied industries. It also focuses on procedures commonly used in the graphic communication and design industries. Students will gain experience in creative problem solving and the practical implementation of those solutions across multiple areas of graphic design and graphic communications. Students will gain advanced levels of experience to complete the output processes of various projects in an increasingly independent manner. Students will learn to manage the output and completion process as a whole including customer relations management, printing, finishing, and binding.

The Music Technology pathway prepares students to enter the exciting and constantly evolving music industry. Georgia is currently positioned to support the expansion of its influential music industry in the digital age. The state’s pro-business attitude encourages growth and creativity along with increased opportunities for the production of music content and performance. Georgia boasts over 300 recording studios, over 40 annual music festivals statewide, over 50 post-secondary music programs at colleges and universities statewide and an annual economic impact of $3.7 billion for the state. This pathway is structured to prepare students with the skills they need to take advantage of these lucrative opportunities.

The Translation Academy pathway is a unique pathway to MIHS. As students progress through this pathway, they will learn language skills, interpersonal and intrapersonal communication skills, and translation and interpretation skills that will prepare them for working in businesses and areas that require translators and interpreters.